Cat loving Kate and Henry got married on 15th¬†December 2012¬†at the Mary Jane Bar ( Ilana had been friends with Kate for a number of years, which made “the getting to know each other process” a lot easier. It was a lovely East London wedding.


Romain started the day with Kate at her home. As soon as he arrived, the hair and make-up (by was already under way. All was really relaxed and Romain went about the task of creating his magic. [One of Paul’s personal favourite from the wedding is one of Kate standing in front of the mirror.]

Paul at this point arrived at the hotel where Henry was beginning to put on his wedding attire. He’d met Henry once before, at the pre-wedding shoot and they hit it off straight away. Obviously the groom getting ready is usually quicker than the bride, so it wasn’t too long until we gently meandered to the bar for a quick nerve settler.

Kate was now pretty much nervous, happy and ready.

Perfect timing just as the VW van ( pulled up outside. if anything during the ceremony was a nod to Kate and Henry’s personalities, this was.

Kate was a dream to photograph and Romain again worked his magic with the van and the radiant bride.

After a quick scoot across town, Kate and Romain arrived at the service at Tower Hamlets register office. Paul and Henry were already there (thankfully!).

We don’t like to be too intrusive at the service, so we’re not shooting constantly – just waiting for the perfect moments and snapping away discretely.
We got the best bits from the emotional ceremony and then quickly headed across town. Again, Romain’s got to ride in the van while Paul had to hot-tail it across town in the car.

But just standing back and observing what was going on around us, we managed to create some beautiful memory lasting images, which both Kate and Henry will cherish for years to come.

We don’t direct, we observe and because of what we witnessed was both loving, wonderful and from the heart, we got images to match.

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