Our team of London based London documentary wedding photographers is made up of of a bunch of friends who share a passion for Wedding documentary photography – documenting a couple’s biggest day in a natural, non obtrusive manner.

London documentary wedding photographers

Romain Kedochim

London documentary wedding photographersRomain likes strong images with a sense of authenticity and intimacy. He loves people and music, so it seems natural that wedding photography has become part of his everyday life. What could be better than taking part in someone’s big day? Through a typical wedding day, He get to use all of the skills and techniques learned in other fields of the profession. It’s challenging yet exciting. And He loves capturing those priceless unexpected moments.



Paul Bence

London documentary wedding photographersPaul loves being able to tell a story through a set of photos, each of them uniquely expressive of his view of the world. And this is one the reasons he loves photographing weddings. Most weddings follow a certain rhythm, but each will have its own details, people and moments which make it unique and different. When he photographs a wedding, he tries to bring to the day all of these skills to enable him to capture all the drama, without being obtrusive. You won’t find him shouting orders and telling you how to behave. To coin rugby parlance, he sits back in the pocket and lets the day unfold around him while capturing all the moments that happen.

Daniel Lipinski

London documentary wedding photographers

Daniel is the latest addition to the team. He’s passionate and loves anything photography-related. He’s committed, reliable and always up for trying new things. With strong background in portraits and events photography he would never miss the most important moments during the magical day. And it’s very likely that since this year, you’d be having him as your point of contact!