Wedding Photography Extras

Among other things, we like to think we bring more to the table than just photos. So we offer a variety of options to spice up your day. Whether you are looking for more creative photos such as the examples below, or something more fun and involved such as the Photo Booth, we have the right wedding photography extras for you..


It’s a lovely american tradition that has become quite prominent all over Europe in the last few years. We love it. It’s the best opportunity we get to make friends with you. In the end you get a set of lovely pictures and we get to know you and how you react in front of the lens. It’s a win-win really, as the pictures on the wedding day will be even better!



A good way to add a bit of fun to your wedding day. You provide the props, we provide the camera, and you click away. You then receive both the video and the set of photos for you to share and print. (requires space and time set aside for it).


Typical album designs:


Postcards & Thank-you cards:

If you want to see more of the products our providers can make for you, you can check out their website



If you planning a big wedding and huge amount of guests, we can get a second or a third person on board to make sure nothing will be missed. As we’ve built a network of trusted freelance photographers over the last 10 years, we can provide you with the best within your budget. We can also specifically provide a male and/or female photographer for those of you who have gender separated religious ceremonies. Whatever your needs, never hesitate to bring those up, we often have a solution for you!



For some people having a still pictures only is just not enough. If you looking to hire a videographer to record whole your wedding we would recommend Atmotion. Let us know if you interested and we can get a special deal with those guys.